The DisAbility Compass enables companies to start the process towards efficient DisAbility Management in a structured and data-based way. On the basis of a cross-departmental cluster analysis, decisions about individual measures towards inclusion are taken.

Tailor-made guidance for successful DisAbility Management

What is a company already doing in the area of ​​disability? Often, this question is not easy to answer, since accessibility and inclusion are cross-departmental issues that affect the entire company.

Depending on who you ask this question, you will get different answers: While HR managers talk about employee numbers and needs, the CFO thinks about the payments regarding the compensatory levy, the IT expert emphasizes the topic of accessibility and the communication department deals with inclusive and easy language.

Show the potential of disability

However, the decision-makers in a company only realize how high the full economic potential really is when scattered data from different areas is collected, clearly prepared and presented in an appealing way.

The “Compass Project” is a strategic measurement product that uses a status-quo analysis including quantitative as well as qualitative surveys to determine how well a company is currently performing in terms of accessibility and inclusion. To determine the result, the company is benchmarked against companies in the same industry and the average across a range of industries is taken into consideration.

Therefore, the compass is the ideal guideline if you:

  • do not know where to begin
  • want to get an overview of your company
  • are looking for well-founded decision-making guidelines for your managers
  • want to uncover blind spots and realize economic potential.

Procedure, effort and end result

The DisAbility Compass can also be quickly and easily implemented virtually and, thus, used when working from home. When it is carried out digitally, less time is needed for data collection while maintaining the same quality of the results. The myAbility team takes care of the processing, status quo analysis and reporting, which allows the project team to fully concentrate on the joint development of the company-specific roadmap during the workshop. In an orientation meeting after 3 months, there is the opportunity to analyse and adapt the progress with myAbility experts.

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