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The largest B2B network on the subject of economy, business and disability in the entire German-speaking region creates Disability Confidence. Through knowledge sharing, numerous companies learn how to make effective use of disability as a success factor. The common goal is a barrier-free economy.  

What is the myAbility Business Forum?

The law clearly states full accessibility for all companies without defining what specifically needs to be done. As a result, companies are required to develop their own solutions. A lack of experience can lead to unsuitable results, which may even have a negative impact on the success of your business. The myAbility Business Forum gives its member companies the possibility to be part of a B2B network in order to benefit from the competitive advantage of accessibility. Members range from companies that are already at the forefront in the area of ​​inclusion of people with disabilities to those that are still at the beginning. Accessibility is relevant for all areas in the company, from sales and IT to HR and CSR. Therefore, the forum promotes opportunities for interaction about the issue of disability, not only across industries, but also across departments.

Together for a barrier-free economy

The B2B network’s vision is to create a barrier-free society with equal opportunities from within the business.

With this in mind, the myAbility Business Forum supports its members in recognizing the economic potential of the issue of disability and using it as a targeted competitive advantage. The myAbility team, including international experts, provides assistance with many years of experience and know-how. In top-class events members of the B2B network have the opportunity to interact across industries and to generate new inputs for promoting inclusion.

Events of the myAbility Business Forum

There are different events within the B2B network for different target groups. Therefore, the member companies can ensure that their employees participate in the right event. As a result, companies can develop cross-functional competencies in the field of business and disability through the myAbility Economic Forum.

Current Events

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Lead Wirtschaftsforum D-A-CH, Inclusive Business Development

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