myAbility Lounge with Sabine Herlitschka

Sabine Herlitschka and Gregor Demblin in conversation

myAbility again in lofty heights -- The first myAbility live event took place on October 21, 2021 with Industry Crisis Manager Sabine Herlitschka in the UNIQA Tower.


Gregor Demblin, founder of myAbility, welcomed Sabine Herlitschka to talk about site development in times of crisis, status quo of high-tech and artificial intelligence as well as personal perspectives on inclusion.

What is successful crisis management based on in times like these? "It’s about the people. Know-how and knowledge are the key competitive factors in a digital, global world,” says Sabine Herlitschka about her strategy. With a research expenditure of 525 million euros, Infineon Austria is the most research-intensive company in Austria.

"Innovation always builds on skills, research and development.” Sabine Herlitschka

How does Infineon manage to remain competitive with high-tech products in a location like Austria? According to Sabine Herlitschka, diversity does not only benefit society, but also increases competitiveness. Because diverse companies are simply more competitive. This will also shape the job market of the future.

“As long as we face challenges in our business, we will create new jobs. Infineon represents a good example of how jobs are changing.” Sabine Herlitschka

It is important for Sabine Herlitschka to make clear that everyone is able to do their job in a barrier-free environment. More than 140 wage earners and salary workers with a recognized degree of disability of more than 50 percent are currently working at Infineon Technologies. Many develop impairments or disabilities in the course of their working life. Everyone has got their history and predisposition. Sabine Herlitschka is certain that "It's about opportunities for everyone." The new chip factory in Villach alone has created 400 new jobs.

Gregor Demblin's last question to Sabine Herlitschka: since green sustainability is currently the focus, does this mean that social sustainability is often neglected? "Perhaps in official reports, but as a company you are much more required to show that you are an active part of society", summarized Sabine Herlitschka and suggests that society and companies should not be seen as closed systems, but as communicating vessels.

The dialogue on social change and inclusion was continued at a relaxed get2gether and the evening ended in a social gathering.