UsAbility Testing

UsAbility Testing

Accessible products and services address people with disabilities as potential customers. UsAbility Testing enables companies to check their products and services for accessibility and usability for people with disabilities.

Objective of UsAbility Testing

Innovative solutions maximize the usability of your products and services and, thus, make them more attractive for a larger target group. In order to give as many people as possible access to your products and services, identify problem areas and implement new solutions.


UsAbility Testing is useful in the following areas:

  • Website check and accessibility analysis: Is my website accessible and usable for everyone? What simple measures can I take to make my website accessible?
  • Office space analysis: Are my products and services physically accessible to everyone? What can I improve?
  • UsAbility Product Testing: Are my products accessible for everyone? What are areas of potential improvement?

Together with experts on disabilities and accessibility, myAbility evaluates the accessibility and usability of products and services to meet the requirements of people with disabilities.


Accessible products and services give you a unique economic advantage over competitors.


Best practices at KEBA

For KEBA, the innovative company of Linz specialized in the field of automation solutions, we carried out UsAbility Tests on the new self-service banking kiosks and ATMs for banks and other savings institutions, such as credit unions.



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