Fifteen percent of the population lives with a disability worldwide; this equates to 15.6 million people in the German-speaking countires alone. Unfortunately, it is still a reality that people with disabilities and chronic conditions receive fewer opportunities in the job market and do not have full access to many products and services. Inclusion can only become part of everyday life if companies understand that it is economically worthwhile.

Together with the business community, we stand for a barrier-free and equal-opportunity society.

This purpose drives us every day: The idea that there is no longer a difference in the employment rate of people with and without disabilities and that accessibility is not goodwill, but standard.


Core Values 💜

We have defined five core values ​​that define our team and the work we do. We use these five core values ​​to evaluate our daily actions in striving for a barrier-free society with equal opportunities. We are happy to be measured against them!

Passion for equal opportunities

We are united by our passion for an fair and equal society.

Appreciation of one another

Team collaboration is characterized by appreciative and inclusive teamwork.

We focus on quality

We stand for professionalism as well as quality, and work on equal terms with the world of business and economy.

Impact first

As an established social enterprise, we focus on making social impact on the economy, business and society. At the same time, our actions are based on economic sustainability.

Breaking new ground

We deliberately take new paths and, in this way, we create a modern, future-oriented understanding of disability and accessibility.