myAbility Talent®

The myAbility Talent® Program is the first barrier-free career program for students and academics with disabilities and chronic conditions in German-speaking countries.

As a myAbility Talent, you will benefit from comprehensive career coaching, networking and job shadowing opportunities, and will receive advice on how to position yourself confidently and openly with your disability or chronic disease for the job market. For students and academics, the career program is for free, and is aimed at people with visual and hearing disabilities, mobility impairments, dyslexia, speech and language impairments, neurodiversity, mental health disorders, nutritional and metabolic diseases, epilepsy or similar diseases.

The participating companies have recognized how inclusion and diversity contribute to their professional success and are therefore opening up a new talent pool. On the one hand, the myAbility Talent® Program encourages people to openly deal with the topic of disability as a career factor. On the other hand, the company representatives have the opportunity to attract highly qualified and diverse employees and to position themselves as inclusive employers.

The next career programs will take place in Vienna and Switzerland. In 2023, a program will take place for the first time in Germany.

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