The myAbility Talent® Program connects highly qualified students with disabilities and chronic diseases and companies that acknowledge the positive value of a disability of their profile. As a result, companies can react to the changes in international competition and recruit innovative and diverse employees.

The myAbility Talent® Program enables companies to deal with disability as a career factor. Company representatives and employees who offer job shadowing opportunities receive awareness training workshops and access to a network of talents for one semester.

Students with disabilities, so called myAbility Talents, are coached in the areas of career planning and soft skills development over the course of one semester. After building valuable connections at networking events, these relationships are then deepened through job shadowing.

Sustainable benefits for your entire company

The numerous benefits are not only evident in the entire company, but also in the HR area in particular:

  • Positive disability awareness
  • Employees learn from talents how to live inclusion and how they can benefit from coming into contact with people with disabilities
  • Effectively targeting talents with disabilities and chronic diseases
  • Attracting qualified and loyal future employees
  • Positioning your company as an attractive employer for students
  • Increasing diversity in the company

The next myAbility Talent programs will take place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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