DisAbility Awareness Training and Sensing Journeys

In half-day training courses, managers and employees learn important basic knowledge, recognize their own scope of action and plan how to put newly learned knowledge into practice. This diverse, interactive and practice-oriented method as well as the inclusive team of trainers of the DisAbility Awareness Training ensure varied and sustainable learning.



DisAbility Awareness Training objectives

  • Knowing how to deal with the issue of disability openly and with self-confidence.
  • Learning key content and knowledge on the subject of disabilities.
  • Sensing Journey®: Communicating with experts in “their own field”: Understanding the diversity of disabilities through a change of perspective.
  • Reflecting and implementing this new knowledge into everyday working practices.

Course content

  1. Basic knowledge on the topic of disabilities: definitions, background, quantitative and qualitative importance of the topic
  2. Language and attitudes towards the topic of disability
  3. Sensing Journey® (change of perspective and experiencing barriers and accessibility)
  4. Recognizing and using your own scope of action

What is the Sensing Journey®?

In a Sensing Journey® you meet people with disabilities, experts in “their own field”. You are invited to see from their perspective and to ask all questions related to this topic. It is about drawing attention to existing barriers – and, above all, removing them again. It is often already in these conversations that participants reflect on their own prejudices.

In order to make the variety of disabilities and barriers visible, we work together with a pool of such experts in their own field, who report on their personal experiences and approaches in finding solutions in their school, student and work life. They are experts in one or more of the following areas:

  • Mobility: Experts inform about physical and environmental barriers, e.g. infrastructures in buildings
  • Perspective: Experts talk about their everyday life with a visual impairment
  • Perception: Experts bring up the topic of perception and invisible disabilities
  • Communication: Experts talk about communicating in sign language

All four of these areas are covered in a Sensing Journey®. In small groups, the experts openly talk about the topic of disabilities with the participants.

We also offer the Sensing Journey® in a virtual setting and are happy to adapt it to your individual requirements in terms of content and time.