Keynote speeches at company events and conferences

The issue of disability still plays a subordinate role in the context of diversity. Therefore, making the topic of diversity visible is an important step towards an inclusive corporate culture. With a keynote speech from myAbility you make space for the topic in your company and in your team - e.g. at leadership retreats, employee events or theme days.


Therefore, the listeners:

  • become aware of the importance of the issue of disability.
  • know how to reduce unconscious fears and prejudices.
  • can get a change of perspective and a modern approach to the topic of DisAbility Inclusion.

The myAbility keynote speakers uniquely combine their personal experiences and professional expertise on the subject of disability. In this way, they impressively show why inclusion benefits everyone.

Lectures relating to the issue of disability

The myAbility team combines expert knowledge of business and disability. At numerous specialized conferences and diversity events, our experts regularly give lectures on the topics of disability, inclusion and accessibility in the areas of human resources, technology, strategy and innovation, as well as diversity and inclusion.


Possible main topics could be:

All keynote speeches and specialist lectures can also be held virtually and individually adapted and tailored to your format.

We are also happy to arrange the contact to other keynote speakers with disabilities from our network, which allows us to offer a wide range of speakers and key topics.