Stronger Together: First Steps to Effectively Implement an Inclusion Strategy in a Company

A woman with a white long cane strides cheerfully ahead. Next to it is written: "Stronger together. More inclusion in the company."

As discussions about inclusion increase, many may lack a true understanding of its essence. For us, inclusion means fostering participation and providing equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities across all aspects of life. Despite being perceived as niche by some, inclusion impacts a significant portion of the population.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 16% of the global population lives with a disability, with disabilities often emerging throughout life, many of which are invisible. Consequently, encountering individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses in one's immediate environment is not uncommon. This highlights the importance of prioritizing inclusion within companies, as an inclusive work environment benefits everyone.

When it comes to inclusion there is no “right” or “wrong” approach 

To raise awareness of inclusion within companies, establishing a platform for open dialogue is crucial. Without an inclusion spokesperson or a designated DEI contact within a company, fear surrounding the topic may escalate. However, this fear may only hinder companies from taking the first step. Inclusion, after all, is less daunting than perceived.  

Our Sensing Journey® aims to cultivate an environment where every question is welcomed and addressed by experts, often including individuals with disabilities themselves, thus fostering a safe space for all participants. Through direct interaction with the target group, a shift in perspective occurs, emphasizing confidence in addressing disability and inclusion, rather than fixating on right or wrong approaches. This direct engagement also aids in dismantling long-standing prejudices. 

Every Company is Unique 

For each company, the journey to inclusion differs, which is why we ensure to support companies and meet them at any stage or level of their journey. We often engage with companies in their own offices, tailoring content directly to their needs. Whether through face-to-face workshops, theme days, blended learning, e-learning, or learning nuggets, our training courses and workshops offer a variety of options for everyone. 

What Does the Path to Inclusion Look Like? 

Commitment is key. Our experience shows that cultural change is most successful when it involves as many people as possible within a company. To achieve better outcomes, it's important for management and leaders to lead the inclusive journey. The first step for everyone begins by questioning why disability is essential for their company. Once leaders and decision-makers address the topic, we can gradually start the process of achieving a successful holistic inclusion strategy.

Are you ready to advocate for inclusion within your company? Here's how to get started: 

1. Take initiative and implement awareness training for everyone. Ask yourself why the topic is relevant for you and your company. 

2. Involve leaders. Start by providing training or e-learning opportunities with top management and team leaders. 

3. Pilot a basic awareness workshop in a smaller unit, providing specific knowledge tailored to individual professional groups. Choose your target group and don’t hesitate to look outside the box whether it’s IT, marketing, or HR. 


Are you ready to take the necessary steps to build an inclusive business world? Get in touch with us