myAbility increases job opportunities for people with disabilities in Germany

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People with disabilities are clearly underrepresented on the German job market. Only 30 percent have some form of employment, which is not even half as much as for people without disabilities. Even though, the employment rate has been below the mandatory rate of 5 percent for years. Due to the current recession, the situation got worse.


The successful Austrian social enterprise myAbility takes over the German market leader Capjob: This makes the largest job portal for people with disabilities in German-speaking countries and territories. This should make it much easier for companies and prospective employees to find each other - because there is still a lot of catching up to do.


"Especially in this rather difficult economic situation currently being experienced, we want to strongly emphasize the importance of more inclusion in the German labour market", says Wolfgang Kowatsch, managing director of myAbility. "With the brand and with the help of Capjob, we will offer many companies the opportunity for successful, barrier-free recruiting and also make it easier for jobseekers to find the right employer for them. Looking at Germany, we see a need of catching-up in online recruiting and at the same time a lot of potential. We are convinced of the long-term impact of our service.”


“Reaching a new level”

The job portal was founded in Vienna in 2009 under its original name Career Moves and has become a role model platform throughout Europe. myAbility is expanding with services such as inclusion, recruitment and management consulting. myAbility is represented at four locations in Germany as part of the myAbility Talent® Program since 2019: with primary focus on Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Customers in Germany include Siemens, the KfW banking group, Microsoft or Axel Springer.

Because of Raul Krauthausen, the charismatic founder of Sozialhelden, the contact to Capjob was established and its takeover initiated. To this point, Capjob has supported more than 170 companies in the online recruiting process, continuously connecting them with qualified job seekers. For Capjob founder Felix Hüning, the takeover is a promising step, "For many years I have worked on positioning this important service at the very top in Germany. The proposal from myAbility came at just the right time in order to get to the next level and to bring even more employers and prospective employees together. myAbility with their services - beyond the job platform - is the most credible and best possible partner for me. If the cooperation is successful, we can imagine expanding our services beyond the German-speaking borders.”

In fact, has already placed 30,000 job offers in Austria alone. Every month, thousands of people with disabilities use this service actively and regularly in order to find a job. The secret of myAbility is to make it as easy as possible for potential employees and companies to find and benefit from each other. “It's not about companies hiring people with disabilities out of a social concern. Rather, it is about recognizing the success factor related to disability and the benefits for everyone involved”, explains Kowatsch.

Reliable job supplier for people with disabilities

Ambitious goals: in a few years, will be an integral part of the recruiting process of most larger companies. The platform will become a reliable job provider for people with disabilities and will give them a unique opportunity to learn more about the inclusive culture and career opportunities of many companies throughout Germany. In addition, the team wants to set new standards on job boards in terms of accessibility and offer everyone the chance of a successful career.

Facts & Figures

In Germany there are around 10.2 million people with disabilities, of which 7.5 million have a severe disability (2017).

The unemployment rate for people with severe disabilities was 11.2 percent in 2018, while the total unemployment rate was 6.5 percent. The employment rate is 4.6 percent.

If companies with 20 or more employees do not hire at least 5 percent of people with severe disabilities, they are obligated to pay a compensatory levy. These payments are between 125 and 310 EUR each month.

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Photo 1: Wolfgang Kowatsch, Geschäftsführer von ©myAbility/Renée del Missier
Photo 2: Felix Hüning, Gründer von Capjob ©Paul Gärtner

About myAbility

myAbility is a social management consulting firm that helps companies to identify the potential of clients or employees with disabilities. The firm was founded in 2014. Together with the companies, they develop inclusion strategies - from DisAbility Management, process and organizational consulting to training and usAability tests. Furthermore, together with the myAbility Economic Forum, myAbility manages an important B2B network, the inclusive job platform and the myAbility Talent® Program in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Zurich. The company currently employs around 30 people. Reference customers in Germany include Siemens, KfW Bankengruppe, Microsoft and Axel Springer.