The missing dimension - People with Disabilities

When it comes to diversity in our society, one group is often forgotten: People with disabilities.

Despite the fact that people with disabilities make up 15 percent of the world's population, making them the largest minority in the world, they are often overlooked. They are also the only minority group that any person could be a part of at some point in their life - because most disabilities are acquired over a lifetime.

Disability? Missing.

People with disabilities consistently criticize diversity campaigns for not being included. Among them is activist Raul Krauthausen, who writes on his blog:

"Meanwhile there are diversity managers in companies, it is hip and good and definitely to be welcomed. But first and foremost, this means women and people with different ethnic backgrounds. sexuality may also be covered. But disability? Missing."

From wishes to action

Three out of four companies would like to see more diversity in their ranks, according to a study by HR software provider Workday and Sapio Research, which surveyed more than 2,200 HR managers and executives from 14 European countries. Nearly all participating organizations have launched at least one initiative to promote inclusion and diversity. However, one-third of the companies lack a concrete strategy for sustainable change. Robert Öllinger, Senior DisAbility Management Consultant at myAbility and board member of the Forum Usher Syndrome, Hearing Impairment and Deafblindness, comments:

"Diversity in business is more than a marketing campaign. It's about taking a close look at processes and structures in your own company and asking yourself: are there equal opportunities for everyone to participate here? A strategy with concrete, measurable actions helps turning wishes into reality."

Obtaining expertise - with myAbility

myAbility advises companies that want to leverage the potential of people with disabilities as employees and customers. Since 2014, myAbility has been working with companies to develop inclusion strategies - from disAbility management, process and organizational consulting to training and accessibility testing. In addition, myAbility operates the inclusive job board and the career program “myAbility Talent® program” in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.