Our Impact

We at myAbility live by the principle "impact first!". This means that all of the decisions that we make focus on creating social impact in the economy, business and society. As a “social enterprise” or a sustainable scale-up, we act in a business-oriented manner and, at the same time, understand the needs of the economy and business.

We see two major advantages in this approach: First, we act intrinsically and we follow a strong purpose. We will only stop pursuing our mission when we have achieved our goal of a barrier-free society with equal opportunities for everyone. And we are convinced that this meaningful orientation is good for our team and we benefit from it when working with customers and stakeholders. We want them to be inspired by our purpose and convince them to generate more social impact as well to help change society for the better. Secondly, we have a deep basic understanding of what it means to be financially successful. We generate the vast majority of our revenue from exciting projects with our customers. We therefore meet our customers at eye level and understand how companies work and how we can get them on board to be interested in our topic. In the long term, this “combination” will help us to create a huge sustainable social impact.

Our current key figures regarding social impact (as of 2022):

  • To date, we have implemented over 1,000 projects for promoting inclusion together with 400 companies.
  • 13,000 employees were personally made aware of this topic and are supported by companies.
  • Currently, 60 member companies of the myAbility Economic Forum employ over 230,000 people in Austria.
  • There are currently 3,500 job postings for people with disabilities in Germany and Austria on myAbility.jobs.
  • Until now, more than 50,000 jobs have been published and 500,000 users have visited our job websites.
  • More than 400 students or academics with disabilities have participated in our Talent Programs and received 3,000 hours of career coaching from us.